Traffic lights

Damaged traffic lights

We regularly inspect our sites and have automated fault reporting. However we can miss things so if you do notice an issue please let us know.

If you find damaged or broken traffic lights, please let us know by using our report faulty traffic lights form.

Report a faulty traffic light


Usually traffic lights work to a fixed set of plans. These enable a number of closely situated junctions to be co-ordinated. These plans can be overridden if there is an incident or a situation where we need to take manual control of the traffic. We do this remotely from our office and we use CCTV to monitor the changes in real time.

Our systems allow the signals to change the length of time each stage stays on depending on how much traffic there is. This means that green lights may stay on for longer or shorter times sometimes. Occasionally you may also be stopped at a red light with no traffic coming from the other direction.

Sometimes it is necessary for engineers to change signal timings at the site itself. This may be due to a change in the amount of traffic on one or more approaches.

Often it’s not easy to see why your journey is taking longer. We try to make sure that every approach is served proportionally to their demands. However, this is a challenge with the increased traffic flows that result from a growing town. Unfortunately there may be times where traffic increases and there is no feasible way to reduce this.

If you are unhappy with the timings of the lights in a particular area, we will investigate your concerns by analysing traffic flows to determine whether alterations are necessary. We will also check that vehicle detectors on the lights are working correctly.

We will consider whether changes to the timings would benefit the majority of motorists using the junction. Please contact us with your reasons using our report form.