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Using the street or pavement for displays

If you operate a business and wish to place an advertising board or display on the highway or pavement you need a permit from the local authority.


The fee is £71.

What the law says

The relevant legislation is Highways Act 1980, Section 115B /115E.

Application process

You will need to provide a location plan indicating the position of the surrounding street furniture. For a single advertising board application, a photograph of the area, showing the surrounding street furniture with an indication of the proposed location of the advertising board is sufficient.

Once we receive your application we must consult the public and frontagers of the street before an agreement can be entered.

How long will it take to process my application?

We aim to process your application within 21 working days (not including the 28 day public consultation period).

It is in the public interest that we process your application before it can be granted. If you have not heard from us within 45 working days please contact us. 

How to apply

You can apply online.

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