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Speed limits

Existing speed limits

National speed limits are set by the government. Local speed limits are set by local councils and the police enforce them.

If you want to request enforcement of existing speed limits please contact Thames Valley Police on its non-emergency telephone number - 101.

Changes to speed limits

Speed limits do not automatically reduce speed. The wrong speed limit will not only be ineffective but will undermine the value of other speed limits. Speed limits must be appropriate for the conditions and at a level which drivers will obey without the police being in constant attendance.

Speed cameras

Please contact Safer Roads if you have any comments about existing speed cameras.

How the council manages speed

The appropriateness of speed limits is assessed against the council's speed management strategy. We take account of the characteristics of the road. These include its alignment, the level of activity alongside the road, the accident record and the recorded speed of vehicles.

In some situations, where the speed limit is deemed appropriate but typical speeds remain high, we may consider introducing speed management measures. We may also consider traffic calming measures but typically these are reserved for locations where other measures have been ineffective.

How to contact us

If you think that a local speed limit should be changed, or if you want to contact us about other traffic calming measures, please use our traffic report and enquiry form. You can also contact us about traffic congestion on this form.

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