Hackney carriages have a 'Taxi' roof sign and meter. They are allowed to pick up from taxi ranks and when hailed in the street.

All other work is private hire and involves pre arranged booking. If a private hire vehicle stops when hailed it is likely that the people travelling would not be insured.

Authorised fares for licensed hackney carriages

Charge for time of day
Time/day First 700 yards (640 metres) or 2 mins 36 secs Each subsequent 200 yards (182 metres) or uncompleted part Waiting time - for up to every 45 secs
7am to 11pm every day except bank and public holidays £3* 20 pence 20 pence
11pm to 7am every day except Christmas Day night £4.50* 30 pence 30 pence
Bank and public holidays £4.50* 30 pence 30 pence
Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve from 6pm to midnight £4.50* 30 pence 30 pence
Christmas Day through to 7am on Boxing Day £6* 40 pence 40 pence

* minimum charge at these times/days

The relevant legislation regarding setting fares is Section 65 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976.

Extra charges

There are extra charges:

  • when more than 4 passengers are being carried - a surcharge of 50% will be applied to the fare shown on the meter at the end of the journey
  • for fouling of vehicle, interior - £50
  • for fouling of vehicle, exterior - £10

Booking a taxi or private hire vehicle

If you want to book a taxi or a private hire vehicle, you can use the list of licensed operators.

Complaints about taxis

If you want to complain about a taxi or if you believe there has been a breach of licence conditions, please contact us so we can investigate.

Accessible vehicles

list of designated wheelchair accessible vehicles is available from the Public Protection Partnership.