Travel plans

A travel plan is a package of measures aimed at promoting greener, cleaner modes of transport and reducing reliance on single occupancy car journeys to or from a particular site.

Workplace travel plans

A travel plan has many benefits for a business in Bracknell Forest including:

  • potential cost savings
  • good PR in the local community
  • reducing demand for car parking spaces
  • improving access for staff, visitors and deliveries
  • increasing productivity from a healthier, more motivated workforce

The following guides are available to help you introduce travel choices at your workplace:

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Travel plans required by the planning process

You may be asked to implement a travel plan as part of a planning application.

Details of how and when a travel plan is required can be found in the council's Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document.

Residential travel plans

Developers of significant residential sites must make sure travel plan measures are implemented.

There are 2 options for developers:

  • take on the responsibility of delivering the measures themselves
  • pay a contribution and have the council takes responsibility

Information on the options is on our residential travel planning for developers page.

School travel plans

Nearly all schools in the borough have a travel plan.