IT support session

Typing on a laptop keyboard.

An opportunity to practise your IT skills with help on hand. Bring your own device or use one of our computers.

When: Fridays (term time only), 10am to 2pm

Where: Bracknell Open Learning Centre.

Cost: £1 per hour

Please book a space by phoning 01344 354220.



Angela researched websites and has begun to design a website for her own company.


Mark came to the open IT session after he attended the Introduction to Microsoft Excel course. He wanted to practise some of the skills he had learnt in a supportive environment. He also sought information to be able to set up some Microsoft Word templates for his business.


Hannah came in with a brand new smart phone and sim card and wanted help and the confidence to set it up and get going using it. She felt intimidated in the shop where she bought the phone and didn’t feel able to ask for help.


Thomas came in to practise typing and to understand where his emails kept disappearing to! He gained a better understanding of draft emails and why they weren’t being sent.


Becki felt confident to come to the open IT session after attending an Excel course organised by Community Learning at Bracknell Open Learning Centre. She had a Facebook account but wanted to better understand the privacy settings - especially as she had pictures of her children on it that she didn’t want to be accessible to the general public. She went away having changed her settings, but also with the knowledge of how to check them again in the future as settings can change back automatically when updates occur.

Contact information

Community Learning Team

Email: for course information

Email: for room hire

Phone: 01344 354220