Why Chris is a school governor

Why I choose to volunteer

After having worked with schools on various governing bodies for over 14 years, my key reason for volunteering is to make sure that every child has the opportunities to progress in life and to achieve their best. These are the key drivers for me as education is the foundation and can make those aspirations happen. 

What I like about being a volunteer

I like to see when the discussions and ideas we have in various meetings are put into practice in the classroom and the whole school.

Likewise, I want to be in a position where I understand why those ideas are good. Asking questions of the senior leaders enables you to get that understanding.

Volunteering allows me to put something back into the community. It provides a good learning platform for me, where I can put my commercial skills into practice and learn a lot in return.

What the role involves

As a chair it is a 'first among equals' position gaining experience in leadership and making sure the governing body fulfills its functions well.

As with any leadership position, it has its challenges. It can be demanding and complex but the rewards are exceptional, knowing that you have contributed to the school and children achieving their goals and ambitions.

It puts a smile on my face every time.

Chris, School governor