Why John is a school governor

Why I choose to volunteer

I am keen to give back in areas that interest me and where I can contribute some expertise and insight. I enjoy supporting the development of young people so when the opportunity arose to be a governor at my daughter's school, it seemed like a perfect time to volunteer.

I also see it as a way to grow my own personal development. The experience and activities that being a school governor brings, contributes to increased skills that I can apply in my job and vice versa.

What I like about being a volunteer

I enjoy being part of a team that are all seeking to achieve the same goal. Because school governors are volunteers, you also know that the passion to make a positive difference is intrinsic among your team of volunteers.

To see positive change being planned and implemented and leading to improved results is extremely rewarding.

What the role involves

There are regular meetings, some with the governing board in full and others focused on a particular committee, be that curriculum, learning, finance or staffing. It's important to read documents relating to meetings and be familiar with the various policies. These meetings are an opportunity to get updates across a number of subject areas but also to ask pertinent questions which hold the school leadership team to account.

It's important to retain a high level of visibility and familiarity with the school and the best way to do this is to perform visits. These could be meetings with subject leads, pupil voice visits and the best of all, attending school assemblies!

John, School governor