Why Tony is a school governor

Why I choose to volunteer

After retiring from a business career, I was keen to see if the expertise and knowledge I had gained during my working life could be used in the education sector.

I was aware that the role of school management and governance had changed significantly in recent years. Schools were increasingly becoming quasi-independent and required support and assistance that was not just from governors who had an education background, in order to meet the growing regulatory and statutory requirements that were being placed on them.

In addition, I had some knowledge of education as I am also an executive in residence at Sheffield Hallam University and felt that this may help my governance role. Also, I am keen to help children flourish and obtain the best education possible.

What I like about being a volunteer

I really feel that the expertise and experience that I am able to provide in my role as governor is appreciated by the senior leaders of the school and that they feel that the school has benefited as a result.

It is nice to give something back to society. In return it is always a great pleasure to me to visit the school and see how the children are performing and seeing their development and growth into the next stage of their lives.

What the role involves

The role of governor is defined as setting the strategic direction of the school, making sure that the vision and values are defined and followed, holding the headteacher to account for the school’s performance and also maintaining financial performance.

In order to achieve this, it is a requirement that you are:

  • fully trained in school governance
  • available for regular governing body meetings
  • willing to undertake additional responsibilities such as:
    • safeguarding
    • curriculum
    • finance
    • SEND
Tony, School governor