Our cleaning standards are in line with the Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse. The council’s contractor routinely clears litter in order that standards, as per the code of practice, can be maintained. Some areas need more attention than others and our contractor adjusts routines in order to manage changing needs.

There are around 800 litter bins in the borough. Litter bins are for collecting litter that need disposing of while you are out in public areas.

These include:

  • food packaging
  • bottles
  • cans
  • bagged dog waste

Litter bins allow you to dispose of your litter responsibly and help keep the environment clean. It is an offence to dump business or household waste into a litter bin.

The frequency of emptying litter bins varies. Most are emptied 3 times a week, usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while bins at local shopping areas are emptied daily.

We monitor the use of litter bins throughout the borough and will adjust the provision of litter bins according to need.

Report litter

You can report a litter issue online.

Report a litter issue

How to report a litter bin issue

You can report an overflowing or damaged litter bin online.

Before reporting an overflowing bin, consider the emptying frequencies outlined above. It may be emptied in the course of our normal programme.

Report a litter bin issue


You can report discarded needles, syringes and drug related items using our online form.

Our contractor will collect drug related items discarded in any area managed by the council.

Report syringes or other drug debris

Tidy up campaigns

We work with Keep Britain Tidy who co-ordinate national tidy up campaigns.

The council runs a Take Pride initiative working with volunteers and community groups who want to play their part in keeping their local area clean and tidy.

We work with schools to assist with campaigns to raise awareness of litter problems, encouraging young people (and their parents) to use litter bins or take their litter home with them and recycle as much of it as possible.