We are experiencing pressure on our street cleansing service.

This is due to staff and driver shortages, fuel shortages and availability of spare parts and machinery.

We are prioritising safety throughout our highway network. This is may disrupt our normal sweeping and litter bin routines at times. 

Thank you for your patience during this time. 

All roads and footpaths managed by the council have a thorough sweep and clean, where needed, 4 times a year.

You can report a sweeping issue online if there are problems in your street. For example, when there is a build up of dirt, debris or leaves.

Report an issue

Gravel or mud on the road can be caused by work from a building development, utility company, farmland or private property. They are responsible to clear this debris.

The council does not provide extra sweeping services for this.

If you are concerned about safety relating to mud on the road caused by a third party, please report for enforcement.

Report mud on the road caused by third party

Autumn leaves

From mid October to late December our street cleansing contractor works hard to clear the huge quantity of leaves that have fallen from the many trees across the borough.

If you have concerns about safety on your road because of wet leaves then please report this to us.

Report an issue

You can help by:

  • taking extra care when walking or driving on wet leafy surfaces
  • being patient - we have limited resources and cannot clear all areas at once, especially if there has been extra leaf fall due to windy weather
  • not sweeping leaves into the road as this slows down our street cleaning operation - if you sweep leaves into the road after we have swept your street we won’t be able to return to your road again until your next scheduled visit
  • composting leaves from your own garden in a home composter
  • using the garden waste collection service
  • make leaf mould – to find out how visit recycle now or get composting

Weeds growing in streets

The council’s contractor routinely clears weeds growing on council owned streets, pavements and shopping areas as required.

They use approved weed treatments or remove them manually.

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