Bin collection for flats

Bins are allocated to each store according to the number of properties sharing them, so there is plenty of room for everyone’s waste.

All residents need to recycle properly otherwise there will not be enough space in the general waste bins. Waste left outside of the bins will not be collected.

Use the right bins

Make sure you put the correct waste in the correct bin.

Recycling bins

You can recycle paper, tins, plastic bottles, plastic tubs, foil and cartons in the blue bin. Quickly 'wash and squash' recyclable plastics, foil and cartons to reduce contamination and to free up space.

Check what you can recycle in your blue recycling bins.

Leave your recycling loose in the blue bin. If incorrect items are placed in the blue bins they may not be emptied.

General waste bins

Green and red bins are for general waste - not all bin storage areas will have both colours.

These bins are for waste that cannot be recycled or reused such as nappies, tissues, crisp packets, black plastic food trays and cooked food waste.

Check what can go in your general waste bins.

Get help with bins

Bins in flats are organised by landlords and managing agents. 

If you need any help with bins, contact either your landlord or managing agent.