Overseas weddings

If you have decided to marry or form a civil partnership abroad, you should contact the relevant embassy or consulate in that country to find out the legal requirements and what you need to do.

Giving notice

If you are both British nationals and wish to get married or form a civil partnership abroad, you need to give notice in the district where you live.

However, if only one party is British and the other is from a foreign (not Commonwealth) country, and you are marrying in a foreign country then the notice can only be given by the British party in the district where they live (normal residency requirements apply).

Please check with the country of your ceremony as to how long in advance notice can be given. Each country sets their own limit and we cannot give advice about timescales.

You will also need to check if the country concerned requires you to have the document legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, or translated by an official translator. Again, we are not able to give advice on this as each country is different.

Details of the documents required can be found on the giving notice page.

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