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Over the last 7 years more than £700 million has been invested into Bracknell Forest by a range of key stakeholders.

These investments show how partnership working is embedded in the culture at Bracknell Forest. Partners recognise the value of strategic investments to provide the best working and living conditions for local people and businesses.

Located in the heart of the Thames Valley – the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Europe which is ranked number one in the UK for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) outside of London – Bracknell Forest is among the top 6 local authorities in the UK for productivity and in the top 5 for employment growth, especially in knowledge-intensive businesses (Oxford Economics).

We believe Bracknell Forest is the perfect environment for businesses to thrive. But don’t just take our word for it, ask any of our well established businesses who have made Bracknell Forest their home.

Since 2006, Bracknell/Reading has consistently ranked highest in the PWC Good Growth Index, alongside Oxford and significantly higher than Cambridge or London, with particular strengths in Skills, Jobs, Health and Income.

The Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership has successfully secured funding from all 3 Growth Deals on behalf of all Berkshire local authorities, based on the wider Strategic Economic Plan for the area.

We are expecting continued significant investment in Bracknell Forest to facilitate further growth and make Bracknell Forest simply the smarter choice.

International investment

Bracknell Forest has one of the highest proportions of foreign owned company headquarters, making it very much open for business from all over the world.

As a strategic partner of the “link to China” initiative we have hosted numerous delegations from China over the past years. Delegates from Hunan, Tianjin, Zhuhai, Liuzhou and Foshan visited us to discuss topics including social care, environmental protection, planning, economic development and investment.

In addition, Bracknell Forest has signed a sister city memorandum with the city of Liuzhou to promote economic co-operation between the 2 areas in the future.

Invest in Bracknell Forest

If your business is interested in finding out more about investing in Bracknell Forest, take a look at our smarter choice brochure or contact us if you want to arrange a visit to Bracknell Forest.


We welcome delegations from all parts of the world.

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