Applying to film

Bracknell Forest is a one-stop-shop for filming and photography in the borough. We have a dedicated team within the council for productions and locations and can help with all enquiries and relevant liaisons and permissions.

Allow at least 2 weeks notice to process your request. A longer lead-in time is needed for temporary road closures (see below).

All filming on or around Bracknell Forest Council land, buildings, facilities and public highways needs our permission.

These locations include (but not exclusive to):

A location directory is available on our website.

Film permit

To get permission to film you must provide the following documents:

  • evidence of your public liability insurance (minimum £5 million)
  • a generic risk assessment related to the filming activity

You will be required to pay administration fees to cover the cost of processing your application and sign a film permit, which is an agreement between us and the applicant about filming on council land, buildings, facilities and public highways.

Licences and permissions

It is the responsibility of the production company or film-maker to identify and gain all consents required. These may include planning permission, road closures and location agreements.

Child licences

If you are employing children in your production, you may need to apply for a child performance licence.

Animal licences

If you are using animals as part of your performance, you’ll need to find out if you need a licence for activities involving animals.

Roads and street works

There are lots of different types of permits and licences you may have to apply for if your filming is taking place on our roads or streets. Examples include skip operator license, temporary structure over the highway license and road occupation consent.

If you’re looking to make a temporary road closure under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 you need to apply to the local highways authority for a temporary road closure order. Give us at least 6 to 8 weeks notice before the event to carry out the required legal procedures.


You can contact us to book parking bays and temporarily suspend single yellow lines.

See our car park directory for more car parking information.

Emergency services

You will need to keep them fully informed of:

  • staging of crime scenes, accidents and use of firearms
  • special effects, fires or explosions
  • impersonation of police officers, ambulance staff, fire officers or use of pseudo fire tenders

When to inform police about your film shoot

Refer to Thames Valley Police for advice and information about filming activities that require a police presence and how you can notify them about this.

Respect for residents and members of the public

Take note of the following:

  • we ask that you inform residents about filming that is due to take place, either by the way of site notices or by a letter drop at least 7 days in advance of filming
  • noise and light pollution need to be kept to a minimum, especially between 10pm and 8am
  • no danger or annoyance should be caused by dazzling lights
  • access to homes and businesses should always be kept clear
  • equipment must not cause a hazard to the general public
  • if filming blocks a footway, an alternative and supervised route must be provided for pedestrians and agreed by the highways network manager
  • night shoots should be finished and de-rigged no later than 11pm, unless we’ve granted prior permission and the community has been consulted

We work closely with the Berkshire Film Office to promote filming locally. Refer to our shared filming policy.

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