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A path at Ambarrow Court

Ambarrow Court

Ambarrow Court is an 8.7 hectare (21.5 acres) Local Nature Reserve.

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Bill Hill sculpture

Bill Hill Ancient Monument

Bill Hill is a public open space and wildlife haven and the site of a round barrow.

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Flowers at Bluebell Hill

Bluebell Hill

Bluebell Hill is a 2.1 hectare greenspace located in north Bullbrook.

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Caesers camp path and woodland

Caesar's Camp

Caesar’s Camp is the remains of an Iron Age hillfort located in coniferous forest.

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Flowers in bloom at Edmund's Green and Lane

Edmund’s Green and Lane

Edmund’s Green is an attractive 2.3 hectare public open space located to the southern edge of Warfield.

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Englemere Pond information panel

Englemere Pond

Englemere Pond consists of a shallow acidic lake offering a wide range of habitats.

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Flowers in bloom at Farley Copse

Farley Copse

Farley Copse is a 3.3 hectare, 8.1 acre, broadleaved woodland.

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Sunset at Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake, which covers about 22 acres and is named after its horseshoe-shaped island.

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Larks Hill

Larks Hill

Larks Hill is a 6.7 hectare (16.5 acre) public open space.

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Lily Hill park

Lily Hill Park

Lily Hill Park is a Green Flag awarded 23-hectare public open space.

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Path at Longhill park

Longhill Park

Longhill Park is a 9.7 hectare (24 acre) site of hay meadow, woodland and playground.

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Bluebells at Peacock Meadows

Peacock Meadows

Peacock meadows is composed of 36 hectares of grassland, meadows and woodland.

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Whitegrove Park path

Piggy Wood

Piggy Wood is a locally important ancient woodland.

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Pope's Meadow in sunshine

Pope's Meadow

This 13.7-acre Green Flag awarded parkland in Binfield is a valuable countryside resource.

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Looking across Savernake Pond

Savernake Park

Savernake Park is a 6.5 hectare (16.1 acre) open space.

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Path at Shepherd Meadows

Shepherd Meadows and Sandhurst Memorial Park

These are neighbouring sites in the south of the town on the River Blackwater.

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Snaprails park

Snaprails Park

Snaprails Park is an attractive 3.5 hectare Green Flag awarded park.

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South Hill Park

South Hill Park

South Hill Park is a Green Flag awarded historic park located south of Bracknell town centre.

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Bluebells in Tinkers Copse

The Three Copses

Temple Copse, Tinker's Copse and Jock's Copse are 3 closely linked areas of woodland.

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The green at Westmorland Park

Westmorland Park

Westmorland Park is an 8-hectare Green Flag awarded park in Warfield.

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Whitegrove Park looking down a path

Whitegrove Copse

Whitegrove Copse is located to the north of Bracknell, in the parish of Warfield.

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The ground at Wildmoor Heath in December

Wildmoor Heath

Wildmoor Heath is a large 99-hectare lowland heath site.

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Flowers at Wykery Copse

Wykery Copse

Wykery Copse is a 3.15 hectare ancient semi-natural woodland

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