Early Years Forum

There are currently 166 early years providers registered to deliver the early years free entitlements within Bracknell Forest. These include:

  • maintained nursery classes
  • academy nursery classes
  • private, voluntary and independent group settings (for example, pre-schools, day nurseries, independent schools)
  • childminders

The Early Years Forum tries to build on the close working relationship between the early years sector and the council.

The group will work in partnership to co-produce future consultations, policies and general recommendations.

Terms of reference


The forum will include:

  • 2 representatives from the council's Early Years Team and will be chaired by the Head of Early Years (other team members will be invited as required, dependent on the matters to be discussed)
  • representatives from each type of provider and where possible from north, central and south areas of Bracknell Forest

Term of office

The proposed term of office is 2 years.

Should a representative leave before the end of their term, a request for a replacement will be circulated to the provider type where there is vacancy.


The Early Years Forum strives to build on the close working relationship between the early years sector and the council.

The group will work in partnership to co-produce future consultations, policies and general recommendations.

It is a consultative group only and has no decision making powers.

There is no direct relationship to the Schools Forum. However the group will have been consulted on and help inform proposals that are presented to the Schools Forum. The private, voluntary and independent (PVI) Schools Forum representative will also be a member of the Early Years Forum.

The group will meet at least termly and cover:

  • matters relating to Early Years Single Funding Formula (EYSFF)
  • matters relating to the compliance of the Early Years Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities
  • matters relating to the Bracknell Forest Early Education Funding Provider Agreement
  • early education funded places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds and other entitlements, for example, EYPP, DAF
  • early years funding systems and software
  • early years inclusion funding policy and payments
  • Ofsted requirements - changes to inspection framework
  • EYFS guidance
  • safeguarding
  • training requirements
  • communication methods (two-way communication)
  • transition between settings

Membership of the group will be shared with all registered early years providers in Bracknell Forest to make sure the voice of the sector is represented effectively.

Current membership

Northern area

The northern area covers:

  • Binfield with Warfield
  • Winkfield & Cranbourne
  • Priestwood & Garth
  • Winkfield Harvest Ride
  • Ascot
  • Bullbrook


Andrew Stephens (business owner)

Michelle Tuddenham
Little Acorns Montessori

Val Duffy
Little Acorns Montessori

Emma and Mark Staines
Homebased childcare

Maintained nursery

Central areas

The central area covers:

  • Great Hollands North
  • Great Hollands South
  • Wildridings & Central
  • Hanworth
  • Crown Wood
  • Harmans Water
  • Old Bracknell


Michael Dillon - Headteacher
Birch Hill Primary School

Debbie Lynagh

Sue Butler (PVI Schools Forum representative)
Plus Three Nursery

Southern area

The southern area covers:

  • Crowthorne
  • College Town
  • Owlsmoor
  • Central Sandhurst
  • Little Sandhurst & Wellington


Phil Sherwood, Headteacher

Mike Sanderson
College Town Montessori

Rebecca Daniels

Other areas


Maxine Maurissen
The Old School Day Nursery

Liz Savage
Jennett’s Park CE Primary

Jen Allen
Jennett’s Park CE Primary

Full day care

Contact information

Early Years Team