Child Development Centre

The Child Development Centre (Margaret Wells-Furby) supports local children from birth to 5 years who have moderate to severe and complex special educational needs. 

We work alongside their families to make sure the children receive the support they need as early as possible. We offer all kinds of services including specialist groups and home learning. 

We also offer advice and training for professionals in pre-schools and Foundation Stage classes (nursery and reception).

Types of support

  • multi-professional development
  • development support groups
  • home learning
  • visits to pre-schools and schools
  • National Autism Society parent workshops
  • events for SENCOs (Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinators)
  • school holiday events

Referring children to our service

Some children are referred at a very young age, especially by their hospital consultant or health visitor. 

Any child from birth to 5 can be referred to us by their pre-school or school, or a health professional such as a speech and language therapist. These referrals often come to us through the Early Intervention HUB after a Common Assessment Framework (CAF) has been completed for the child.

Referrals are received from:

  • health professionals, for example a paediatrician, health visitor or speech and language therapist
  • the Early Intervention Hub following a professional undertaking a common assessment (CAF)
  • preschools, nurseries and schools

If you think your child should be referred, talk to other professionals who already know your child (such as a teacher, health visitor or speech and language therapist).

After referral

If your child is referred by their pre-school or school a member of the team may visit the setting and meet with you to discuss what support your child might need.

If your child is not yet in a pre-school or school, you will be invited to attend a welcome group at the Child Development Centre. The group will allow us to get to know you and your child and for you to get to know the team. Following the welcome group an individual package of support will be offered to you.

Officers might decide it would be useful to have one of our keyworkers for your child. If this is the case, you will get to know your keyworker really well and they may visit your child at home or pre-school.

What if I do not want to use the service, or am unhappy with the service?

The service is there to offer support and advice as necessary, but you are not required to accept this if you choose not to.

If you are unhappy with the service you should raise the concern with a team member.  If this does not resolve the situation you should raise the concern with the Child Development Centre manager.

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