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Communication and language support

Support for children under 4

Family Hubs are still providing play based support for parents with children aged 24 to 36 months who have a speech and language delay and no other concerns. Email for more information.

The Children and Young People's Integrated Therapies (CYPIT) Speech and Language Therapy team are still supporting children with speech, language and communication difficulties. If you have concerns you can:

We are working together to provide you with the help you need in this difficult time and will aim to provide an approach to suit your child’s needs.

For children aged 4 years old, please contact your reception class teacher.

What to expect at different ages

At a glance:

8 to 20 months

I can move my body in songs, look at a book but can quickly lose interest if something distracts me. I follow everyday commands and make noises, sounds and words to communicate.

16 to 26 months

I try and join in with rhymes and songs. I can give you an object even if you don’t show me. I am beginning to put two words together. I probably play on my own a lot but will watch others. My speech is not clear.

22 to 36 months

I am gradually listening to longer stories and can follow longer instructions like find your shoes and hat. I am very interested in new words and learn new ones quickly to use and I am making simple sentences, but the speech sounds may not be clear to anyone who does not know me. I like playing pretend games and am joining in sometimes with other children.

30 to 50 months

I enjoy a variety of rhymes and books and will fill in. I understand a lot of words and can ask you questions about things. I can tell you what happened and explain my feelings very simply. I like playing with other children and will use more complicated sentences. My speech is mainly clear with the odd mistake.

More information

Helpful information can be found on the following websites:

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Early Years Team

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