People Directorate's service plan for 2022 to 2023

The People Directorate's services cover some of most critical safeguarding, support and education services in Bracknell Forest.

Our services

Children Social Care

Led by Sonia Johnson - Assistant Director

  • First Response and Youth Justice Team
  • Life Chances
  • Family Safeguarding
  • Specialist Services

Mental Health and Out of Hours

Led by Tony Dwyer - Assistant Director

  • Community Mental Health Team (CMHT)
  • CMHT Older Adults
  • Emergency Duty Service
  • Forestcare
  • Drug and Alcohol Service

Education and Learning

Led by Cheryl Eyre - Assistant Director

  • Children’s Support Services
  • School Standards
  • Education Property Planning
  • Business Relationships
  • Information Advice and Support Service
  • Early Years

Adult Social Care

Led by Melanie O’Rourke - Assistant Director

  • Adult Community Team
  • Intermediate Care Service
  • Learning Disability and Autism Services


Led by Thom Wilson - Assistant Director

  • Strategic Commissioning
  • People Safeguarding
  • People Quality Assurance
  • Business Intelligence

Early Help and Communities

Led by Sarah Gee - Assistant Director

  • Housing
  • Welfare
  • Community Safety
  • Early Help


Strategic priorities

Our strategic priorities are set to achieve the objectives within the Council Plan.

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Key performance indicators

We publish our key performance indicators (KPIs), along with quarterly progress reports, in relation to the council plan.

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Operational priorities

Each directorate has their own operational priorities.

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Budget position

Revenue budget

For the department, the 2022 to 2023 cash budget is £68.908 million.

The gross budget is higher than this as there are government grants that fund significant amounts of expenditure, most notably:

  • schools budget at £115.30 million
  • housing benefits at £22.457 million 


The 2022 to 2023 budgets include savings of £0.480 million. The key themes adopted in making the savings were a:

  • new facility opening in April (Heathlands) and a reduction in costs of £0.193 million
  • new Homecare framework including new flat rate savings of £0.124 million
  • a number of smaller savings such as releasing surplus budgets and renegotiating contracts that together total £0.163 million

Capital budget

The capital budget for 2022 to 2023 is £3.783 million which primarily relates to maintenance and improvements to school buildings.

The Disabled Facilities Grant is yet to be confirmed and is excluded from the capital budget figure above, but a total likely budget of £1.794 million.


The budget includes pressures of £4.717 million. These pressures can be analysed into the following broad categories:

  • pressure on both Children and Adults social care package and other support costs of £2.858 million
  • staffing pressures of £1.419 million
  • Forestcare increase of accommodation costs of £0.153 million
  • assistive technology and equipment increased pressured of £0.132 million
  • other non-staff pressures including reduced income and reductions in grant funding of £0.155 million