Replace a lost or damaged card

Changes to replacement process

Due to the limited services currently available, we have temporarily changed the process for replacing a card.

Please follow the instructions below. Do not visit Time Square for this service.

If you lose or damage your e+ card, we can replace it for a £8 fee.

You may be able to order a replacement by calling us on 01344 352000 if:

  • you have a standard e+ card
  • your address and name details have not changed
  • your photograph does not need updating
  • you are able to pay the £8 fee with your debit or credit card over the phone
  • you are able to send us updated proofs or photographs by email

However, we will need you to go to an e+ site in person at your local library or Bracknell Leisure Centre if:

  • the lost e+ card you need to replace is a PASS proof of age card
  • we need to see documentary proofs
  • we need to take a new photograph of you

If so, please bring any necessary proof documents with you and pay the £8 fee at the site you visit. 

If you need to replace a concessionary bus pass, please see our disabled person's bus pass or older person's bus pass pages for more information.

We will order a new card, which you should receive within a few days.