Register your interest

If you would like to take part in research, you can register your interest with Join Dementia Research.

NHS Research and Improve Care

The NHS is committed to taking part in health research so that they can continue to improve our treatments and services.

Your participation can help improve their understanding of a wide range of health issues.

Types of studies

There are many different types of studies. This means you can choose the ones that fit the best with your lifestyle. Some of the types of studies include: 

  • completing a questionnaire
  • giving a blood or tissue sample
  • clinical trials (medicines)
  • trying new equipment and treatments
  • testing new ways to diagnose an illness
  • taking part in a focus group or interview

Your choice

Taking part in research is your choice, and you can change your mind at any time. 

Research results

If you want to know the results of the study, please ask the study team. 

Contact NHS Research

You can get in contact by: