Drugs and alcohol advice

Alcohol self-assessment test

Drinkaware has a tool which can help you identify if the amount you drink could be putting your health at serious risk. 

It's quick and easy to use so why not give it a go?

Find out if you are drinking too much

Drink free days

Having more drink free days could be an easy way to make a difference to your health.

Find out your drinking risk level and then create an action plan to reduce your drinking. 

Take the DrinkCompare Quiz

Breaking Free

Breaking Free is a digital recovery programme that is available on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

It provides you with proven behaviour change techniques and helps you to manage high risk situations.

It's easy to follow, totally confidential and is ideal for all stages of your recovery journey.

How to use Breaking Free

First, create an account on the Breaking Free website.

You can then access the website for free using the code: Bracknell 11.

You can start using this support before getting in touch with us, or while you are engaging with us at New Hope.