Calisthenics comes to The Parks

New outdoor exercise equipment is now freely available for residents to use at The Parks open space in Bracknell.

The new calisthenics park is centrally located and can be accessed off a main path. There are 10 different workout stations residents can use and features such as parallel bars and rings. These are designed for body weight exercises known as calisthenics.

Calisthenics helps to increase body strength, power and endurance. It is an increasingly popular form of exercise and up until now, there have been few non-commercial facilities locally available.

The new equipment accommodates people of different heights and abilities and instructions are provided for its use. 

Bracknell Forest Council has provided the calisthenics park for the use and enjoyment of the local community. It was designed and made in the UK by The Great Outdoor Gym Company. It was paid for using money sourced from local development.

Cllr Kandy Jefferies, executive member for culture, delivery and public protection, said:

“The idea to install this new equipment initially came from a resident of The Parks, who was inspired on her fitness journey by similar equipment in London parks.

“Upon looking into this further, and after consulting residents, it became apparent there was a local need for this type of outdoor exercise facility.

“Calisthenics equipment is well-suited for use in an outdoor environment, as it has minimal moving parts and it is of robust construction.

“The local development money we used to deliver this improvement, was earmarked for enhancing the provision of local open space and recreation.

“Our thanks to The Parks community for their help and support in developing these new facilities. We hope they enjoy using them!”

Kim Kerr, a resident who lives near The Parks, said:

“I contacted the council in 2020 with the suggestion of bringing a calisthenics park to Bracknell.

"My personal fitness trainer Junior Bartlett, of Jay Deucesfitness and I worked with Andy, the parks ranger, to design the new facilities. Junior has helped me and others on their journey to fitness. We have seen and experienced ourselves first-hand how calisthenics equipment can improve physical and mental health.

“Calisthenics has helped us with our body and mind fitness following personal loss. Sadly, my sweet dad, Tony Palmieri, passed away in 2022 and Junior’s younger brother Aaron passed away in 2020. The new calisthenics park is dedicated to their memories.

“The calisthenics park will provide the opportunity for residents of all ages and abilities to get fit and healthy. It will provide a facility for the next generation, which includes my 4 children, Jahiem, Sienia, Jordan and Thierry. It will especially benefit residents who are out of work, or are on lower incomes, as they can continue to get fit for free.

“We are thankful to the council for providing this new facility in this special park. Our thanks to Cllr Kandy Jefferies for helping to officially open it. We look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Ranger Andy with Sienia, Cllr Jefferies, Kim, Jahiem and Junior.