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Designated Public Place Order (DPPO)

What is a DPPO?

A DPPO gives the police extra powers to crack down on people who are drinking alcohol and are being disturbing or intimidating to others.

The order does not ban drinking in public places. It enables police officers and police community support officers to ask people to stop drinking or surrender their alcohol, where they believe alcohol-related nuisance is or is likely to occur within the designated public place.

It is not a criminal offence to drink alcohol within the designated public place. An offence is only committed if a person does not follow an officer’s requirements in respect of public drinking or the surrender of alcohol without reasonable excuse.

The DPPO allows police to target those individuals causing nuisance related to the consumption of alcohol. This would not affect those who are not causing a nuisance.


Penalty Notice - £50 fine.

Arrest and prosecution – fined up to £500.

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Contact Information

Display Name Community Safety Team

In the event of an emergency please call Thames Valley Police on 999 or 101 in a non-emergency.

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