BMX and skateparks


Racing is an extremely exciting sport open to riders of all ages, making it great fun for all the family. 

The excitement and popularity of BMX racing caught the attention of the International Olympic Committee and BMX is an Olympic sport.


If you prefer to test your riding skills on ramps, half pipes and trick orientated objects then visit our skatepark and BMX facilities.


British Cycling is the internationally recognised governing body for all forms of cycling.

You can find the contact details of your nearest BMX club on British Cycling

Skate parks

The following skateparks are purpose built for skateboarders and skaters of varying abilities either to learn to ride or develop their sport and technique.

Sandhurst Memorial Park

This park is suitable for skateboarding and includes:

  • a spine mini ramp
  • 2 grind benches
  • 2 grind rails
  • driveway with planter
  • a flat bank
  • a quarter pipe

For more information, visit our Sandhurst Memorial Park page. 

Longhill Skate Park

This park is suitable for skateboarding, inline skating and BMX riding and is the largest in the borough.

The skatepark includes:

  • a bowl and a large ramp combination
  • a small wave ramp and quarter pipe
  • a corner ramp
  • a box unit
  • a spined grind box
  • a rough ramp
  • a grind box
  • a multi ramp
  • a combination vertical wall and platform unit

For more information, visit our Longhill Park page.

Mill Park Skate Park, Wildridings

This skate park Is suitable for skateboarding, inline skating and BMX riding. It includes:

  • 2 quarter pipes
  • 2 spine or volcanoes
  • a flat bank
  • a roll on
  • hip and grind rails

For more information about Mill Park, visit Bracknell Town Council.

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