Orienteering at Lily Hill Park

Collect all the letters on each post throughout this orienteering course to spell 2 words.

This course is suitable for beginners or those wishing to try somewhere new.


The plants in Starch Copse will ‘tell’ you if you are correct.


It features:

  • 13 wooden posts with markers – collect all the letters and they will spell the word “rhododendron”
  • 7 posts which spell out the word “azaleas”
  • 1 map – showing accurate positioning of posts
  • self-contained course – the site is bounded by woodland, fences and hedges and there are exits and entrances around the site on to Lily Hill Road and London Road


Getting there

You can reach Lily Hill Park by:

  • foot - there are 7 pedestrian entrances from Lily Hill Road and London Road
  • bicycle - a shared pedestrian/cycle way runs through the main drive of the park and along the London Road and links Lily Hill to Bracknell Town Centre
  • bus - several bus stops are located along Lily Hill Road
  • car - Lily Hill Park is located east of Bracknell Town Centre, off Lily Hill Road, RG12 2RX - there is free car parking is available off Lily Hill Road

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