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Constructing your driveway

Please make sure that the kerb is dropped before you start to construct your driveway.

You must provide an off-highway parking depth, in line with our local policy on the what to check before applying page.

Information and diagrams about building a driveway and having a dropped kerb constructed

Diagram showing dropped kerbs and driveways

We cannot grant consent where there are safety concerns due to:

  • poor visibility onto the road network
  • the point of access causing a danger
  • the construction would make an already difficult local parking situation more difficult

You may only park alongside your house when the area is within the curtilage of your property.

Your garden may contain manhole covers and stopcocks. Access to them is required at all times so they must not be covered over.

A simple but effective alternative to continuous surfacing is wheel strips formed by laying two lines of heavy duty paving slabs.


If your driveway has a natural fall to the public highway it must be constructed of a permeable material, which allows water to filter without running onto the highway. If your driveway is to be constructed of a non-permeable material you will need to contact the council’s planning team for permission.

If your driveway has already been constructed, please make sure the path edgings between the footway and driveway have not been removed. If the edgings are removed, the council will replace them at a cost to you.

Walls, fences, hedgerows and existing driveways

If you have an existing wall, fence or hedgerow on your property boundary at the location of your planned or extended driveway, you may be required to remove these prior to our contractor completing the dropped kerb works. Footings/foundations of these walls and fences and roots of hedges will also need to be removed.

This will be explained in our inspection and quotation letter.

Failure to do this prior to our works will result in our contractor leaving the site and charging a return visit fee of £150.


If there are trees near the proposed driveway, you must check whether there is a tree preservation order or restrictive covenant on the trees or if your proposed works will interfere with the existing root system. Please read the tree preservation order page for more information about this.

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