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What to check before applying

Please note this information is for private single residential drop-kerb applications.

If your enquiry is related to a residential development or an industrial development requiring access from the existing public highway, please go to New developments and public highways for further information.

Planning permission

If the road you require access from is on a classified road (A, B, or C) you will require planning permission before applying for the kerb to be lowered. You can check whether a road is classified on the find your nearest map by selecting the relevant road.

Please note that obtaining planning permission can take time. You are advised to obtain planning permission before completing your application form for vehicle access. See our how to make a planning application page for more information.

Local policy

You must provide an off-highway parking depth, with direct access to the carriageway without causing safety concerns. The depth, should be 6 metres, if the access is in front of a garage.

To apply for a dropped kerb for access to a parking space, the depth from the dwelling frontage to highway boundary, needs to satisfy certain requirements, these are:

  • 5.0m where adjacent footway or verge width is equal to or more than 1.5m
  • 5.1m where adjacent footway or verge width is less than 1.5m but equal to or more than 1.3m
  • 5.2m where adjacent footway or verge width is less than 1.3m


Photo showing an acceptable example of 5m depth from dwelling and 1.6m width footway


Photo showing an unacceptable example of less than 5m depth from dwelling and 1.8m width footway

Land ownership and permission

If you don’t own the land you must provide evidence that you have consent from the owner to cross the land.


You will need to contact your landlord to obtain permission to allow a vehicle to park on the land concerned. If you are a Silva Homes tenant, permission must be given by your housing officer in writing. For private tenants, permission must be given by the landlord in writing.

Owner of an ex-council house

Your property is likely to be the subject to a condition (called a covenant) which currently prevents cars being parked on the property. You will need to contact Neighbourhood Services at Silva Homes to have the restrictive covenant relaxed. Proofs must be submitted within 8 weeks of completing your application - there is extra cost involved with this.

Owner of an ex-council house (but not the garden)

Some council house sale agreements were provided for the council to retain ownership of the land. If your agreement is written in this way, you need to contact Silva Homes on 01344 382800 to arrange for the purchase of the land. Please be aware that this may also require planning permission and would involve you in additional charges.

Parking bays

Permission will be refused if the access interferes with designated parking bays. Please note that this does not include roadside parking.

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