Using your own contractor

Pros and cons of choosing a contractor

The table below shows some advantages of using the council's contractor.

Pros and cons of choosing a contractor
0 Advantage or disadvantage Ringway (council contractor) Own contractor
1 Pay VAT No Possibly
2 Utility diversion works arranged on your behalf Yes No
3 Additional costs such as street works permit No Yes
4 Need to provide contractor information such as insurance and street works accreditation No Yes
5 Remedial works and maintenance responsibilities taken on by the council upon completion Yes No - 2 years defect liability
6 Control over timing By agreement Subject to network management approval

If you would still like to use your own contractor, follow the instructions below.

Steps to using your own contractor

If you want to use your own contractor, the council must still carry out an inspection to determine whether it is suitable for a dropped kerb. If approved, we will provide you with a drawing and specification for the works to which your contractor must comply. However, if your own contractor can provide a technical drawing of your proposal, this may speed up the process.

We can also provide you with a quote if required.

1. Complete a section 184 license form

You or your contractor must fill in the application form for a section 184 license and send it to us with proofs of insurance documentation (Public Liability of £5,000,000 as a minimum) and Street Works Accreditation to a Supervisory level. We need all relevant documentation before we can grant permission and progress with your application. 

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You can email your completed form to

On receipt of your application, we will check whether your property is an ex-council house. If it is, we will request you provide a copy of a letter from Silva Homes lifting any covenants restricting parking on your property. 

2. Apply for a street works permit

On approval of your application, you or your contractor will have to apply for a street works permit for which there is an additional fee. The council operate a permit scheme to approve works on the highway, under which anyone carrying out works in the road legally needs to apply to us for permission before the works go ahead.

3. Apply for a dropped kerb

The last thing you need to complete is our online form for a dropped kerb