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Salt bins

Salt bins are located at critical locations to help residents salt nearby roads and footpaths. Road users can help themselves to the salt, to use on the road and footpaths, but they should not be used for private driveways or paths.

These are not intended for use on people’s own property. The bins will be restocked as regularly as resources permit. It takes 2 teams up to 2 days to check and restock salt bins.

Salt bin locations

Locations marked (P) show salt bins sponsored by parish or town council.


Table showing salt bin locations in Binfield



1. Beehive Road (P)

Junction with Beehive Lane

2. Boltons Lane (P)

Junction with Dunfold Place

3. Chase Gardens (P)

Junction with Terrace Road North

4. Cressex Close (P)

Opposite 7 Cressex Close

5. Emmets Nest (P)

To the side of 1 Albert Cottage

6. Emmets Park (P)

Junction with Forest Road

7. Fletcher Gardens (P)

Opposite number 2

8. Knox Green (P)

Junction with Terrace Road North

9. Mill Green (P)

Opposite Samian Place

10. Murrell Hill Lane (P)

Junction with Foxley Lane

11. Nash Park (P)

Nash Park entrance

12. Red Rose

Junction with Rose Hill

13. Stevenson Drive (P)

Adjacent to field gate near number 65

14. Tilehurst Lane (P)

Junction with Terrace Road

15. Tilehurst Lane (P)

Opposite Coote Close

16. Turnpike Road (P)

Junction with Farley Copse

17. Wiggett Grove (P)

On Benetfeld Road opposite junction

18. York Road (P)

Junction with Forest Road


Table showing salt bin locations in Bracknell



19. Arncliffe

Opposite number 66 on footpath

20. Avebury

Opposite number 38 Avebury

21. Babbage Way

On central island opposite junction by numbers 31/38

22. Beech Glen

Junction with Crowthorne Road

23. Town Square

Near Royal Mail post box beside subway ramp


25. Bus Station

Bracknell - near office

26. Calfridus Way (P)

Outside The Wayz

27. The Cardinals

Junction with Rectory Lane

28. Crowthorne Road

Adjacent Mill Lane footbridge

29. Greenham Wood

Junction with Ringmead

30. High Street

Outside McDonalds near The Ring

31. High Street

Bank Square

32. Jevington

Junction with Ringmead

33. Juniper

Junction with Ringmead

34. Kimberley

On footpath about 10m from Ringmead

35. Leppington

Opposite entrance to Community Centre

36. Lingwood

On verge to side of 56 Manston Drive

37. Liscombe

End of footway at junction with Birch Hill Road

38. Lynwood Chase

On footway to side of number 10 Avon Grove, opposite number 16

39. Neuman Crescent

Adjacent to LC 11 on grass verge opposite number 26

40. Octavia (P)

Junction with Ringmead

41. Orion

Junction with Ringmead

42. Quintilis (P)

Outside number 69 Quintilis

43. Sylvanus

Junction with Woodenhill

44. Tawfield

Outside number 13 Tawfield

45. Wokingham Road

Outside number 14

46. Worlds End Hill

Opposite number 50

Chavey Down

Table showing salt bin locations in Chavey Down



47. Church Road

Junction with Longhill Road adjacent One Way Sign outside Bakehouse Ct

48. North Road

Junction with Priory Road


Table showing salt bin locations in Crowthorne



49. Byron Drive (P)

Footway adjacent to Give Way sign 59 yards ahead

50. Grant Road

Junction with Pinehill Road on verge

51. Pine Hill Road (P)

Outside number 74

52. South Meadow (P)

South verge opposite first garage block

53. South Meadow

At junction on verge outside 77 next to LC

54. Furze Hill Crescent

Junction with Cambridge Road

North Ascot

Table showing salt bin locations in North Ascot



55. Bracken Bank

Side of number 55 Bracken Bank

56. Fernbank Place

On central Island junction with Bracken Bank

57. Mill Ride (P)

Junction with Whitelands Drive

58. The Grove

Junction with Asher Drive


Table showing salt bin locations in Sandhurst



59. Owlsmoor Road (P)

Between Rackstraw Road and Fakenham Way by bus stop

60. Grampion Road

Outside New Scotland School

61. Greenways

Junction with Broom Acres

62. Harts Leap Close

Junction with Crowthorne Rd

63. High Street

Junction with Edgbarrow Rise, Little Sandhurst adjacent LC14

64. High Street

Railway bridge embankment end of barrier opposite 8 Laurel Terrace

65. Hone Hill

Junction with York Way

66. Humber Way (P)

Against fence inside playing field adjacent to LC number 2

67. Long Mickle

At Junction, outside number 12 Long Mickle

68. Mickle Hill (East)

Junction with Longdown Road

69. Mickle Hill (West)

Junction with Longdown Road

70. Moffats Close

Junction with Crowthorne Rd

71. Mountbatten Rise

Junction with High Street

72. Pinehill Rise (P)

Top of hill adjacent to Robin Lane street name plate

73. School Hill

Junction with High Street

74. Scotland Hill

Opposite junction with Cock-a-Dobby

75. Scotland Hill

Junction with A321 High Street

76. St Helens Crescent

Side of number 2


Table showing salt bin locations in Warfield



77. Juliet Gardens

Junction with Shakespeare Way

78. Dorset Vale

At end of footway at side of number 6 Wiltshire Grove


Table showing salt bin locations in Winkfield



79. Micheldever Way (P)

Adjacent LP 4 on verge opposite Woodmancott Close

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