Highway network management

What the council does

The Traffic Management Act 2004 placed a duty upon local traffic authorities known as the network management duty.

The aims of this duty include:

  • securing the efficient movement of traffic on the authority’s road network
  • helping the efficient movement of traffic on the road networks for which another authority is the traffic authority

Our Highway Network Management Team co-ordinates and monitors works on the highway. We do this in a proactive, impartial and consistent manner. We consider all types of traffic including motor vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians. In this way we can make sure disruption is minimised and works sites are safe.

Monitoring activities

As part of our efforts to minimise issues on the road network we routinely inspect works and activities on the highway. Our inspectors are identifiable by hi-visibility clothing bearing the council logo. In addition they will be carrying identification cards which will be shown on request.

Due to past incidents of abusive and unacceptable behaviour towards staff, it is necessary for our inspectors to wear body worn cameras for public and staff safety. Whilst constantly recording, images are overwritten every 2 minutes and only images relating to actual incidents will be held for evidence purposes. These images will only be stored for as long as is necessary and will be destroyed thereafter.

How to contact us

If you have concerns about the safety or duration of street or roadworks please let us know. You can use our roadworks and road closures enquiry form to contact us.

Make an enquiry about roadworks and road closures


Information about applying for licences to work on the highway is in our roads and street works licences section.