Successful transitions to school

Transition should be a process, not an event. It should be planned for and discussed with children and parents. 

Settings should communicate information which will secure continuity of experience for the child between settings.

Top tips for a successful transfer

Record of transfer and assessment form

Fill in an early years record of transfer and assessment form. You can also use any similar format form you have.

Make sure that they are received by the appropriate person at the transitioning school. Where possible you should also have a verbal conversation with the school.

All staff should have input into the transfer documents to get a rounded picture of the child to send on to the transitioning school. Make sure that you reflect on where the child is most secure.

It’s very important that if children are getting any extra support, relevant information is also passed on to the transitioning school. This might include any speech and language support, SALT, or PEEP.

Every Child a Talker monitoring form

If an Every Child a Talker form has been completed, make sure to pass this to the school.

Child development centre

When a child is known to the child development centre, arrange a transition meeting with school and designated officers to discuss the child's needs, next steps and set out a clear plan for transition.

The child development centre team have 'All About Me' forms which can be completed and sent on to the transitioning school with parents’ permission.

In the setting

Talk about the schools that children will attend. Show photographs and uniforms.

You could also:

  • create a school role play area (alongside home corner)
  • make transition booklets with the children
  • have plenty of reading books to share about going to school
  • foster independence where possible

In the home

Encourage your parents to practice the school walk.

Encourage your parents to support their child's independence. For example, taking clothes off when changing, putting on shoes and coats, going to the toilet and eating lunch and snacks independently.

Be positive

Make sure the setting and parents talk positively about starting and being at school, even if you didn’t have a good experience yourself.

Emotional support

Is there anything that you do which has worked well to reassure the child if they become anxious or struggle to settle (especially with what has happened during the last year)? Make sure to relay these strategies to the transitioning school.

Schools will contact settings during the summer term.

If they don’t please tell the Quality and Development Team.

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