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The Mayor and Deputy Mayor

The Mayor

Deputy mayor

Councillor Ash Merry was elected Mayor of the Borough of Bracknell Forest on 20 May 2020.


The Mayor is a serving councillor elected to the office for one year at the Annual Council Meeting in May.

The Mayor’s responsibilities are:

  • chairing full council meetings - the role of Mayor is not political and the Mayor has no formal power on decision making, except to chair council meetings
  • making sure the council's constitution is followed
  • organising and hosting a number of civic events
  • representing the borough at ceremonial occasions
  • supporting local schools, organisations and businesses by attending a wide range of events

The Deputy Mayor

Councillor Michael Gbadebo was elected Deputy Mayor on 20 May 2020.

The Deputy Mayor attends events when the Mayor is unavailable.

Although there is no official role, the Deputy Mayor should be treated just like the Mayor as they are there on the Mayor’s behalf.

It is tradition at Bracknell Forest for the Deputy Mayor to be elected Mayor.

The Deputy Mayor may be invited to a function in their own right, but usually this only happens if they have a connection to the organisation or the event and has been approved by the Mayor.

It is more likely that they would be invited in their capacity as local Councillor.

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