The Mayor's charter

The Mayor's charter sets out the standards of behaviour expected from all councillors at all times.

These include the 7 principles of public life (the Nolan Principles):

  • selflessness
  • integrity
  • objectivity
  • accountability
  • openness
  • honesty
  • leadership

These are the basis for making sure we have high standards in public life.

Our councillors will:

  • encourage and foster constructive democratic debate and tolerance of other points of view
  • promote and defend the dignity of others, treating all with courtesy and respect
  • not engage in bullying, harassment, or victimisation, nor discriminate against another member or group
  • challenge unacceptable behaviour whenever it occurs

Any behaviour that falls short of this will be dealt with under our standards and code of conduct processes. If any breach appears to break the criminal law, it will be referred to the police.