The Council Plan

The Council Plan sets out the key objectives for 2019 to 2023. It delivers the commitments made to residents in the 2019 local election. It puts these commitments into the current financial context and provides the council with a strategic direction and framework.

We will provide the strong leadership, financial stability and corporate governance to make sure that core services are maintained. We will also find a framework for delivering services that allows us to adapt, innovate, find new ways of working and, in some cases, reduce what we do.

The plan focuses on the things that matter most to our residents, which is at the heart of everything the council does. This is based on a narrative which recognises Bracknell Forest as “the borough of opportunity."

We will prioritise spending based upon clearly identified needs targeting in particular:

  • reducing our impact on climate change
  • making sure help is available for our most vulnerable residents to keep them safe and to help them remain independent whist avoiding loneliness and isolation
  • reducing homelessness
  • developing all age learning and life skills
  • maintaining value for money

Strategic themes

To deliver our objectives and make sure that Bracknell Forest remains a good place to live, work and play, we have 6 strategic themes.

Value for money

We will continue to drive and maintain strong financial management and make sure that what we are spending is targeted on the right things.

The way the council is funded will continue to change, so will the way we deliver the services you value and trust.


Key objectives

Our key objectives are to:

  • make sure our council tax is in the lowest 10% nationally amongst similar authorities
  • invest in digital technology and access points to help people access our services
  • generate income to fund local services from a commercial property portfolio
  • establish a Joint Venture with a private partner to make sure of timely and appropriate development of key council sites

Economic resilience

We will continue to work hard to make sure that Bracknell Forest continues to thrive even with the challenges ahead for all sectors of the economy.

The council is committed to continue the town centre regeneration and over the next 4 years to deliver the next phases, helping the whole town centre to flourish and grow, providing a rich 18-hour economy.

We will also deliver new housing including much needed social housing in future schemes.

The world of work is changing, and we will continue to work closely with all our employers as they look to their futures. We are committed to helping new companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs, maintain high rates of local employment and make sure that Bracknell Forest remains a great place to live and work.

Key objectives

Our key objectives are to:

  • adopt a new Local Development Plan that enables the development of employment areas along with the right mix and location of houses and infrastructure.
  • secure delivery of the next phase of Bracknell’s town centre regeneration including The Deck and the refurbishment of Princess Square
  • encourage residents to become school governors
  • work to retain businesses and help attract new companies to Bracknell Forest
  • support the Business Improvement District (BID) area covering the South and Western Industrial Area
  • actively engage with employers and support local businesses to drive local growth
  • implement strategic improvements to the Highway and Transport network to support economic growth and manage congestion
  • seek CIL and Section 106 funding for new infrastructure in the borough to support growth

Education and skills

The council is responsible for providing school places to meet demand. By making sure we have enough school places we are supporting parents in their desire to have greater choice.

The council supports schools through its highly rated school's improvement service. Working with teachers and governors the service helps with driving up standards and enhancing the learning environment.

Key objectives

Our key objectives are to:

  • make sure we provide enough school places for every child in the borough
  • work with schools to make sure standards are in the top quartile nationally
  • encourage local businesses to engage with local schools
  • review the future of our youth services and open a new town centre youth hub at Braccan Walk
  • increase the number of apprenticeships, work experience placements and other training opportunities both within the council and in the borough
  • increase the percentage of children (aged 0 to 5) achieving good levels of development in communication and language
  • create opportunities for care leavers to develop skills to help them prepare for transition
  • improve the protection of vulnerable children including those with Special Educational Needs

Caring for you and your family

Bracknell Forest is one of the heathiest places to live. We want you to live longer in good health, both physical and mental.

We will continue to invest in preventing you and your family from needing health and care services in the first place. We pledge to buy the best possible services that meet the needs of our residents.

Key objectives

Our key objectives are to:

  • develop and implement a council-wide programme of measures to help improve the health of our local population
  • develop a new early help mental well-being service for children and young people, working with partners including our schools
  • align our social care services with Primary Care Networks to allow improved integration of care and health activities
  • review our Disabled Facility Grants Adaptations Service to speed up applications to support people to live independently, implementing a new policy
  • work with CCG to develop a joint community and health facility at Blue Mountain
  • work with town and parish councils to deliver new community facilities
  • transform the way children’s centres work making them into family support hubs
  • embed the Family Safeguarding Model of social work practice to protect vulnerable children and reduce entrants to the youth offending service
  • deliver a new residential facility for elderly people with dementia at Heathlands in Bracknell in partnership with the health partners
  • use social prescribing and support the voluntary sector to help reduce isolation and loneliness
  • make sure there are opportunities for everyone to enjoy and participate in sports and leisure activities
  • continue to provide easy access to the natural environment
  • actively support the armed services located in Bracknell Forest

Protecting and enhancing our environment

We will make sure of the sustainable development of Bracknell Forest so that it remains clean and green and will work towards becoming a low carbon environment with high rates of recycling.



Key objectives

Our key objectives are to:

  • protect our highly valued green spaces and strategic green gaps
  • promote recycling and diverting waste from landfill, including introducing food waste recycling
  • improve parking in residential areas
  • protect green spaces, the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area and maintain strategic gaps between communities
  • enhance facilities and customer experience at Horseshoe Lake and maintain other council open spaces
  • address the impact of man-made climate change on our local communities by putting in place actions that work towards meeting the government target of eradication its net contribution to climate change by 2050
  • promote greater use of public transport and cycleways


Bracknell Forest delivers over 200 different services. To secure strong and safe communities we will continue to meet our key objectives.



Key objectives

Our key objectives are to:

  • maintain the viability of our community-based shopping and employment areas
  • support our network of community centres and libraries
  • work with our local police to maintain good public order, reduce antisocial behaviour and combat drug related crime
  • support culture and arts facilities such as South Hill Park
  • establish a local lottery to help raise additional funds for local voluntary and community groups
  • deliver housing services that focus on preventing homelessness
  • develop a new Homeless Strategy and implement a local action plan to reduce rough sleeping
  • identify the need for and facilitate the provision of affordable homes for rent and shared ownership and rent to meet that need
  • review our Housing Allocations Policy to make best use of affordable housing provision to meet local needs
  • support the cultural diversity of our communities

Reporting on performance

Each theme is underpinned by a number of annual priorities that take the council towards the achievement of the 4-year key objectives. These annual priorities will be included in individual Department Service Plans which also contain key performance indicators reflecting the priorities and day to day operations.

Progress against the Council Plan will be reported by a quarterly overview report from the Chief Executive. At the end of the financial year an annual report will be published summarising progress made over the year.

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