Request an assessment

To request an assessment, please contact us.

If you are caring for an adult, please contact adult social care by:

If you are caring for a disabled child or are a young carer who is under 18, please contact children's social care by:

Help with your assessment

If you wish, a friend or family member can help and represent you.

If you don’t have a family member or friend who you can ask, and you have difficulty doing the assessment yourself, we will find an independent advocate to help you.

Carers assessment - consent

If you decide to request a full assessment from us, a support coordinator will check whether you:

  • understand why all this information about you is being discussed and recorded
  • agree to this (give consent)
  • agree for information about you to be shared with other people who may need to know in order to provide care and support to keep you independent and well

More details about consent are available in the Social Care Record Guarantee.

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For people who are not able to understand and give consent, then the decision to go ahead will be made with people who know them, based on whether it is thought to be in the person's best interests.

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