Countryside walk: Cabbage Hill and The Cut Circuit

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Accessible route overview

A 3.3 miles (5.3 km) walking route, following surfaced paths, and no stiles, taking in Cabbage Hill and The Cut river. 

Start and end

Bracknell Town Council’s car park at Jock’s Lane Park.

Toilets and refreshments are available when the pavilion is open.


Approximately 3.3 miles (5.3 km) taking 1 to 2 hours.

A shorter 2.5 miles (4 km) option is available and is described in point 9.


Route best walked in a clockwise direction.

Likely to be suitable for both pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Tarmac or firm hoggin paths with a few gates at Garth Meadows to retain grazing cattle and some on Cabbage Hill.

The circular route


From the car park head towards the tennis courts and turn left. Turn right along the path just beyond the miniature railway to bring you to Binfield Road.

The railway is operated by the Bracknell Railway Society. check its website for public running days.


Cross the road immediately before the roundabout where there are dropped kerbs and a central refuge.

Turn right and almost immediately left through two gates into Garth Meadows.


Take the right-hand path through the meadows, bear left where the path forks (don’t go over the bridge).

Continue along the path, and after a while, turn right just after a gate. Go through a second gate, which may have a stiff latch, and onto the bridge over the river known as The Cut. This is the main river which drains water from Bracknell into the Thames near Bray.


Turn left just after the bridge through Anneforde Place Playing Fields. At the road,
Kennel Lane, turn left on the pavement. Cross the road at the dropped kerbs just
before the junction.


Follow the right-hand pavement of the road to the right which bends left and then
right. Cross the road at dropped kerbs to a footpath and cycleway on the left signed to Lyon Oaks.


Take the path into Lyon Oaks, follow this residential road and take the second road on
the right, Price Gardens.

To the right at the end of this road there is a short footpath and cycleway which will bring you to an ancient green lane known as Quelm Lane.

It is thought there used to be a ‘quelm’ here, which was a gibet where they displayed the bodies of hanged criminals.

During the summer, cattle graze in the meadow. This slows down the growth of
grass and scrub and encourage a diversity of wildflowers, insects and birds.

For your safety, keep your dog on a lead during this time.


Turn left on to Quelm Lane, cross Darby Vale near a roundabout, continue straight on along Quelm Lane to Harvest Ride.


Cross Harvest Ride at the pedestrian lights and continue straight along Quelm
Lane to Watersplash Lane. There is an old ford to the left, but your route turns right
and then left just before the road junction and then immediately left again to go back
on yourself.

This brings you on to the Northern Greenway which is a traffic-free,
landscaped route through the new Woodhurst Park estate.


Follow the path across the bridge over The Cut. Continue straight ahead on the main track crossing all 3 vehicle roadways and keep right when it opens to a green on the left. Look out for the one thatched house in the new estate. Almost immediately after it, turn right past shallow ponds on either side.


For a shorter route that avoids Cabbage Hill and re-joins the route at point 14:

Go straight on (rather than right) just beyond the thatched house. Continue
along this path and keep straight on where the main route re-joins this path from the
right after about 200 meters (point 14).

Near the top of the field turn left where the main path goes right. Turn right at the next
path junction, then straight ahead, through a gate and turn left just before the next


Carry on along the path past the car park on the right. There are good views
from the top of the hill across Bracknell and Binfield.


The path bears left and through a gate. Turn right at the next path junction and carry on through a gate into a field with woods, ‘Long Copse’, on the right.


Continue on the surfaced path where it turns left. Go through the gate and turn right back on to the main Northern Greenway path.


Follow the path, with houses on the left and woods on the right, winding down
the hill to bring you to an open space on the right just before reaching Binfield Road


Cross the road at the pedestrian lights and turn left on the pavement, which ends just after crossing a bridge over The Cut (again). Turn right on the public footpath to bring you back into Jock’s Lane Park.


Turn left, back past the miniature railway and then right just beyond the pavilion to bring you back to the car park.

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