Make a parking enquiry

Use this form for parking enquiries about:

  • multi storey and surface car parks
  • enforcement 
  • penalty charge notices 
  • permits and season tickets 
  • resident parking scheme

If you would like to report condition of existing road markings such as yellow lines, use the report potholes and other road damage form.

If you would like to enquire about or apply for a disabled person's parking bay, use the disabled person's parking bay enquiry form.

Common enquiries

Before you make a parking enquiry, read the information below as it may answer your question. 

For information about multi storey car parks and surface car parks, go to our car park directory

For information about enforcement or to make a request for enforcement, go to our on-street parking or parking enforcement and fines page. 

For information about penalty charge notices, go to our pay a parking fine or challenge a parking fine page.

For information about season tickets, go to our season tickets for car parks page.

For information about the resident parking scheme or permits, go to our about the resident parking scheme page. 

Start a parking enquiry 

If the information above has not answered your question, select 'start now' to make a parking enquiry.