About the scheme

This scheme is intended to help protect local communities from parking pressures relating to the Bracknell town centre redevelopment.

All vehicles parked within the resident parking zones (with the exception of delivery vehicles or street works contractors) need to display a permit to be legally parked during the schemes hours of operation.

You do not need to display a parking permit to park on your private property within a resident parking zone.

The permit charge period runs from 1 April each year.

Hours of operation

The resident parking scheme operates between 8am and 6pm (8pm in certain zones) Monday to Saturday and from 10am to 4pm on Sundays. 

Civil enforcement officers will enforce the scheme, as they do all other waiting restrictions within the borough.

They will issue a penalty charge notice to all vehicles not displaying a valid permit or not following the rules of the scheme.

Waiting restriction and permit parking order 2017

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Resident parking scheme zones

Zone A and the northern part of Zone B have been removed from the scheme. The remainder of the zones remain unchanged.

You are eligible to apply for resident parking permits if your property or business is located within a resident parking zone.

Zone maps