Dog walking

We ask that you keep your dog on a lead, particularly in sites where there are grazing livestock or ground nesting bird sites. 

This includes:

Bracknell Forest is a wonderful place to go dog walking with plenty of unspoilt places to explore.

All our parks and open spaces are dog friendly, but for health and safety reasons, dogs are not permitted in playgrounds.

Follow the guidance below to make sure that the landscape remains beautiful and safe for everyone (and every pet) to enjoy.


Dogs in a public place are legally required to wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on the collar or on a plate or badge attached to it. It is compulsory for dogs in England to be fitted with a microchip by the time it’s 8 weeks old.

For information about lost and found dogs, including how to report them, visit the Public Protection Partnership.


Faeces can spread disease - bag your dog’s waste and dispose of it in the bins provided. It is an offence to allow your dog to foul in a public place without clearing it up.

For more information about dog fouling, including how to report incidents of fouling, visit the Public Protection Partnership dog fouling page.


Dogs can be intimidating to some people, especially children. Be considerate to others and keep your dog under control.

Any dog off-lead must not jump up at strangers and must return when called by their walker or owner.

A dog is considered dangerously out of control if it:

  • injures someone
  • makes someone worried that it might injure them

Keep your dog on a lead around livestock for their safety and in areas where there are likely to be ground nesting birds. Also take care near ponds and rivers particularly when ducks and geese may have their young.


You can protect your dog from diseases like canine parvovirus and kennel cough by vaccinating them in line with veterinary best practice.

It’s important to worm pets regularly - even healthy looking animals can carry worms. Guidance is available from your local vet or the RSPCA.

The role of our rangers

Responsible dog ownership is taken seriously for the benefit of all users of parks and countryside.

Our parks and countryside rangers work with dog owners in order to promote this code of conduct and make sure it is followed.

Questions they might ask you include:

  • Which vet is your dog registered with and has it been vaccinated?
  • Can I see a spare poo bag to demonstrate you are ready to pick-up?
  • Can you summon your dog for me (if it is let off the lead) to say hello?

More information

More information on responsible dog ownership is available from the following links:

Contact information

Parks and Countryside

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