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Warfield Neighbourhood Area

Progress of the Warfield Neighbourhood Plan

Table showing the stages and status of the Warfield Neigbourhood Area



1. Designation of Neighbourhood Area


2. Pre-submission consultation


3. Submission consultation


4. Examination


5. Referendum

Not started

6. Making of the Neighbourhood Plan

Not started

1. Designation of Warfield Neighbourhood Area

Warfield Neighbourhood Area was designated by Bracknell Forest Council on 23 July 2014.

Warfield Parish Council applied for the designation of a neighbourhood area in April 2014. A 6-week consultation on the proposal was carried out during April to June 2014.

The relevant documents are:

SEA and HRA screening decision

In some circumstances neighbourhood plans may require environmental assessments in line with European obligations. These environmental assessments are a Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) and a Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA).

Warfield Parish Council provided information on the scope of their neighbourhood plan to Bracknell Forest Council to determine whether a SEA or HRA is required. This is known as ‘screening’.

The council's SEA screening decision concludes that the Warfield Neighbourhood Plan requires an SEA.

Following consultation with Natural England, the council concluded that the Warfield Neighbourhood Plan does not require an Appropriate Assessment.

The screening decisions can be downloaded below:

2. Pre-submission consultation

Warfield Parish Council undertook a pre-submission (Regulation 14) consultation on the draft Warfield Neighbourhood Plan between 18 July 2017 and 8 September 2017.

3. Submission consultation

Warfield Parish Council as the ‘qualifying body’ has prepared a neighbourhood development plan (the Plan) for its parish with the help of the local community.

The Plan sets out objectives for the future of the parish and contains planning policies to guide the development and use of land in the Warfield Neighbourhood Area. The Parish Council submitted its Plan to Bracknell Forest Council on 24 January 2019.

The council held a 6-week public consultation on the proposed Plan in line with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) between 10am on Tuesday 5 March and 5pm on Tuesday 16 April 2019. The consultation has closed.

An independent Examiner has been appointed to undertake the examination. All written comments received during the consultation period will be sent to the Examiner.

The proposed Warfield Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents can be accessed through the links below:

Unsolicited submissions (not forming part of Examination)

Bewley Homes

Woolf Bond Planning

4. Examination

An independent examiner has been appointed to assess the plan.

Examination correspondence in respect of the Warfield Neighbourhood Plan can be found below.

PDF iconE1 - Examiner's initial letter - 16 May 2019501.67 KB
PDF iconE2 - Examiner's letter - 3 June 2019190.15 KB
PDF iconE3 - Warfield Parish Council's response to E2 - 5 June 2019127.56 KB
PDF iconE4- Examiner's response to E3 - 11 June 2019198.4 KB
PDF iconE5 - Boyer's response to E2 - 12 June 2019243.87 KB
PDF iconE5 - Boyer's response to E2 - Appendix 1 - 12 June 20191.07 MB
PDF iconE6 - Examiner's response to E5 - 14 June 2019193.54 KB
PDF iconE7 - Bracknell Forest Council's response to E2 and E4 - 14 June 2019158.77 KB
PDF iconE7 - Bracknell Forest Council's response to E2 and E4 - Appendix 1 - 14 June 201999.62 KB
PDF iconE8 - Examiner’s response to E7 - 25 June 2019203.39 KB
PDF iconE9 - Warfield Parish Council’s examination statement – covering letter – 13 February 2020113.19 KB
PDF iconE9 - Warfield Parish Council’s examination statement – January 2020239.96 KB
PDF iconE10 - Bracknell Forest Council’s examination statement – 11 February 202065.83 KB
PDF iconE11 - Warfield Parish Council’s letter to Examiner – HRA appointment – 26 May 202061.51 KB
PDF iconE12 - Warfield Parish Council’s letter to Examiner - HRA submission - 18 February 2021273.48 KB
PDF iconE12 - Appendix 1 - Copy of BFC/NE response (from email)51.25 KB
PDF iconE13 - WNP HRA report5 MB
PDF iconE14 - Warfield AQ HRA technical note397.78 KB
PDF iconE15 - Warfield AQ modelling memo1 MB
PDF iconE16 - Examiner's letter - 29 March 2021250.42 KB
PDF iconE17 - BFC’s response to WNP Examiner’s initial questions5.29 MB
PDF iconE18 - Examiner's letter - HRA Consultation - 27 April 2021199.65 KB
PDF iconE19 – BFC's response to Examiner’s initial question 2(i) – 7 May 2021162.57 KB
PDF iconE20a - WPC's response to WNP Examiner's initial questions - covering letter - 21 May 2021118.74 KB
PDF iconE20b - WPC's response to WNP Examiner's initial questions318.13 KB
PDF iconE20c - WPC's response to WNP Examiner's initial questions - Appendix A110.18 KB
PDF iconE20d - WPC's response to WNP Examiner's initial questions - modification to sub plan paras 1.9 to 1.1242.11 KB
PDF iconE21 - Examiner's further procedural letter - 1 June 2021212.21 KB
PDF iconE22 - WPC's response to E21 - 14 June 2021135.2 KB
PDF iconE23 – Examiner’s NPPF letter – 22 July 2021208.72 KB
PDF iconE24 - WPC's response to E23 - 27 July 2021111.17 KB
PDF iconE25 - BFC's response to E23 - 3 August 202189.17 KB
PDF iconE26 - Examiner procedural letter - 23 August 2021235.39 KB
PDF iconE27 - WPC's letter to Examiner - 26 August 202199.41 KB

Focussed consultation responses

A focussed consultation on proposed modifications to the WNP took place between Monday 28 June and Monday 9 August 2021.

All comments received, alongside all previous consultation representations, will be considered by the Examiner.

5. Referendum

The examiner will recommend if the submitted neighbourhood plan should proceed to a referendum. The local community will be invited to vote on bringing into force the neighbourhood plan.

In some cases it may be appropriate to extend the referendum area beyond the designated neighbourhood area. The appointed examiner would recommend if the referendum area should be extended.

Updates on the referendum will be published after the examination.

6. Making of the Neighbourhood Plan

If the majority of the local community vote in favour of the neighbourhood plan, it is likely to be brought into legal force. It would form part of the Development Plan for Bracknell Forest and used in determining planning applications in Warfield Parish.

Following the referendum, the council will publish a decision statement for the outcome of the neighbourhood plan.

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