Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspaces

Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspaces (SANGs) are existing open spaces that are going to be improved. The aim is to encourage more visitors to enjoy the natural environment of SANGs.  

We need to reduce the number of visitors to Special Protection Areas (SPAs) so that we can preserve them. By improving SANGs we hope more visitors will use these natural areas instead of SPAs. 

Thames Basin Heaths SPA

The Thames Basin Heaths SPA is a network of internationally important heathland sites in the south of the borough. These sites, such as Wildmoor Heath, support rare birds such as the Dartford warbler, woodlark and nightjar that are highly sensitive to visitors.

To prevent harm to the SPA, new housing developments must contribute towards enhancements of SANGs. Separate contributions also fund the Thames Basin Heaths Partnership. This aims to educate visitors about SPAs and encourage them to use SANGs. This helps to protect SPAs from being visited by too many people.

This is part of the council’s avoidance and mitigation strategy called the Thames Basin Heaths SPA SPD.

SANG sites

The following sites are being enhanced as a SANG:

Circular walks

To visit the sites, see our countryside walks page

There you will find our circular walks leaflet pack. The pack is a list of downloadable PDF maps that will help you plan and enjoy your walks. 

Open space management plans

Improvements for each site are set out in an open space management plan. They are designed to be above standard in order to be more attractive to visitors.

Our space management plans (OSMP) are listed below:

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